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However, this book will also be useful for the more experienced Asterisk administrator.We ourselves use the book as a reference for features that we haven’t used for a while.If not, we encourage you to explore the vast and wonderful library of books that publishes on these subjects.We also assume you’re fairly new to telecommunications (both traditional switched telephony and the new world of Voice over IP).No other PBX can be deployed in so many creative ways.Applications such as voicemail, hosted conferencing, call queuing and agents, music on hold, and call parking are all standard features built right into the software.systems to scale in even more powerful ways—stay tuned, or better yet, get involved with the project as a developer.If you’re an experienced Asterisk developer or integrator, I’m sure this book will have a few “Hey, that’s a neat way to do it!

I see Asterisk making deep inroads into the financial, military, hospital, Fortune 100 enterprise, service provider, calling card, and mobile environments. From the basic beginnings of a PBX that Mark Spencer coded in 1999, the Asterisk project, with the help of thousands of developers, has moved from simply connecting phone calls and has matured into a platform that can handle voice, video, and text across dozens of virtual and physical interface types.

” moments for you, which is one of the joys of Asterisk.

If this is your first project with Asterisk, I’d like to welcome you to the huge community of users and developers dedicated to making Asterisk better.

The affirmative answers just keep flowing, and at that point, the best thing to do is to sit the person down and start showing him quick demonstrations of how Asterisk can be quickly deployed and developed.

Asterisk is accessible because of the ease with which a novice can understand basic concepts.

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