Samsung smart tv web browser keeps updating

Unfortunately, I run Netflix, HBOGO and Amazon Prime through my Smart Hub, so I have a reason to keep myself connected to the Internet via my home network. Samsung screwed me with one of their 37" CRT televisions back in the late 90s, and I never should have gone back to them.As good as their TV's are these notifications are VERY annoying.

Right now (March 2015) I am seeing a notification about Samsung ending some "Premier" service on April 1. I can't begin to express how annoying, aggravating and frustrating it is to have something disrupt the show I am watching - particularly with my family and I have to scramble to find the stupid remote to make it go away. The last time this happened was a few months ago with a notification that "Smart hub just got better". Also, you can turn off the notifications anytime you want. No need to vent at a companies product, if you choose not to learn how to use it.

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I have a 55 inch smart TV (don't recall exact model number right now, maybe 6350 bought from Costco a year ago?

BTW if you notice when notification appears the "details" box is highlighted already so if you hit your enter button on remote bye bye to whatever program you were watching.

These notifications should only appear ONE TIME if at all and be on screen long enough to grab your remote and IF you select "OK" which means you acknowledge the notification they should NEVER reappear again. Well, notifications are still happening as of March 27 2016, but now have another issue...

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