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We lump these two together because strip clubs here are often brothels as well, they just have sexy dancers on stage which isn’t always the case at a brothel.Either way, the line between the two is very blurred.Lets start with the area known as Salinas which is the ‘zona de tolerance’ where prostitution is easy to find.In many cities with prostitutes in Latin America there is a ‘zona de tolerance’ where much of the debauchery takes place.Just hop in any taxi and ask for either Salinas, 18th street, or the zona de tolerance and they will know where to take you.Expect to pay somewhere around for a quick bang, give or take either way.

There are many sexy Latinas here that know how to take care of you.They want to keep as much of it as they can in one area so it isn’t going on all around town.That area here is referred to as Salinas, this would be the red light district in Guayaquil.Nicasio Safadi Reves is one of the most popular spots for them to wait.Over by the Supermercado de los Ruevulos you can often find hookers at night.

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