Dating interracial attraction

I am white and my wife is an Arab named Nadia; she is from Saudi Arabia and is 25 years old.We married about one year ago and she wears beautiful hijabs […] The morning started out great!I married my high school sweetheart who has an excellent job that provides me with everything I could want materialistically […] Jeremy was a friend of my husband’s and drove a water truck for a logging company, sometimes working 70-80 hours a week keeping the dirt road wet.He is a tall black guy, so he and my husband look a little funny together (especially considering my husband’s only 5’8″ and Jeremy is well over 6 foot […] Halloween fell on a Friday this year, which made the day more thrilling.

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There was just something about being naughty on a Halloween night–the unexpected usually happens.

She is the first girl I have been with that has no taboos.

If we can think it […] The warm spring wind that blew around indicated the ensuing summer. Shirtless, I was jogging up the verdant waterside park.

So I Invited him and the two other guys, Jason and Bill, to join us at a hotel downtown for a weekend of partying.

I myself was engaged to a little French girl […] The week cannot go quickly enough as I wait for Sunday to come along to meet Jim and Kimberly at the gym again.

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