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Because of this, we have a “companion pass” through this airline. So for my return flight after the conference, I booked one ticket in his name and added me to the reservation as a free companion.

I submitted my initial outgoing flight (in my name) and this return flight (in his name, with me as a free companion) for reimbursement.

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I know it’s not because we’re staying late or that he’s coming out to join me (my manager is also staying late and her boyfriend is also flying out to join her).

I outlined this in my cover letter and resume but am itching to reach out directly, since we’ve corresponded briefly in the past. Just keep it more “since we talked in the past, I wanted to let you know I applied for this position now that I have more X experience” and less “sales pitch.” 5.

I’m participating in a reverse job fair — where my job fair booth will advertise me A few months ago, I graduated from a capstone course from an institute that helps career professionals with disabilities hone their job/career skills to find employment.

So it’s really just the fact that one of my reimbursement requests has my partner’s name on the reservation. but I’m not surprised that your manager doesn’t want you to do it in the future.

I get that at first glance the optics are bad — it looks like I was paying for his flight. Even though she understands that it was on the up-and-up, someone else looking at it won’t have that context — and it will raise red flags for auditors and others.

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