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Disadvantages include the retention of moisture beneath the cover (eventually damaging the paint - it can suffer from spotting, pinholing and discolouration), and the strong possibility of chafing of the paintwork (particularly if the cover is not securely anchored to the car, and can therefore move about in the breeze).

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However, the following notes should help you to identify which type of cover you need to suit your specific requirements. Some types can be used in either application; most are specifically designed for either outdoor or indoor use.

Water beads off the material very quickly it is claimed It is important to follow any instructions provided with your car cover.

It’s helpful first to place the cover on the roof of the car - having ensured that the vehicle is spotlessly clean and completely dry.

Some owners keep their cover in the boot of the car, ready for immediate use at any time, including when touring A car cover can really help preserve your classic and its good looks over the hot summer, but you need to choose and use one with care says Kim Henson For classic enthusiasts without a traditional garage, or indeed for those who have a lock up but need to protect their cars from dust and moisture while stored inside - or perhaps prefer to leave it on the drive during the summer season - there is a wide array of car covers to choose from.

These range from inexpensive types which offer basic protection to sophisticated varieties which are not cheap but will truly cosset your pride and joy.

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