Amy winehouse and nas dating

It was like watching two speeding trains hurtle towards each other before a violent crash.

arrive at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in California.

Naturally reticent, this is the first time Harry has spoken about the terrible years leading up to Amy’s death; how he watched as Blake and Amy tempted his 14-year-old brother Freddy with cocaine; and how his ill-fated marriage to Amy saw the Civil family ostracised and hounded from their home village.

He said: ‘They seemed hell-bent on destroying each other and didn’t care about dragging others down with them.

I felt guilty because everyone knows it was Blake who introduced Amy to hard drugs. We got back in touch only a couple of weeks ago.‘People spat at us and called us junkies.

I didn’t speak to him for about two years because I blamed him for so many things. Blake was demonised and local people behaved as if we had a contagious disease they didn’t want to catch. We had always been very close, but now we rarely see our dad.

As the weeks and months went by, Blake and Amy’s relationship became seemingly more volatile and destructive. ‘When we first met Amy she was looking after herself, but within a year she went downhill,’ Harry said.‘She’d wear the same clothes for several days in a row and her face would be caked in stale make-up.

I think they thought he would be more susceptible.‘I couldn’t believe Blake could be that irresponsible.

He was grinning like some goofy kid as if he was offering his brother candy.

Their presence seemed to lend a sense of family to her life and she enjoyed having them around. They told us funny stories and were always in very high spirits.

She was especially fond of Freddy who, Harry says, was more like Blake. Sometimes Mum would join us and on a few occasions Dad came along.’ Star: Amy performing in June 2007, just a month after getting married to Blake in Miami.

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